Friday, January 31, 2014

Day 65: 4.0 miles

4.0 miles. 42:46. 10:42 pace.

I adjusted my bra the entire duration of this run.

As I did yesterday

And the day before. 

And the day before.

And the... Well you get my point. 

It's so frustrating and a total energy suck. I can't get into the groove if I'm constantly trying to keep my bitties in line. 

My shoulders are constantly shrugging. If I loosen the straps to take pressure off my back/shoulders than my boobs start bouncing. 

And it's not like my bra is cheap. I use Moving Comfort's Juno (I'll add links when I'm on my laptop). I started with 34C last spring. I thought this bra was a godsend. Over the summer I bought one in a size 34B. The first one started to feel loose. Now the 34B is unwearable and I'm in a 32C. Now this last one is no longer working. I've had it for only 2 or 3 weeks. I do alternate the 32c and the 34b, however I now have no desire to wear either one of them ever again.  Which means I have no idea what I'm going to do tomorrow.

A couple of runs ago I tried wearing my old Lululemon tata tamer (size 34C). No dice. For one thing... It makes my boobs look pointy or something. Like it lifts and separates too much. 

Look.. I'm not going to be in a fashion show here. I just want the gals flattened and outta the way. I don't care for them to look perky while I'm running. 

The only reason I try to avoid the uniboob look is simply because I hate feeling sweaty between the jugs and underneath them. 

The last few months I've joked about just buying some ace bandages and wrapping those suckers in place.

I even found some at Walmart.

Well, I visited my ole pal Google and typed in somethig like ace bandage chest running.

It was actually RECOMMENDED by some track coaches. 

What? I gotsta try this!


  1. Oh yes, the "sports bra adjustment"...Have you tried getting a bra fitting at V.S.??? They have you try on sports bras!

  2. Ahh yes, the search for the perfect sports bra! I have one Moving Comfort sports bra, it honestly did not impress me that much. I have one Lululemon Sports Bra, which holds the ladies in, but digs into my shoulder blades. My favorite sports bras are my Under Armour ones, but I know those aren't going to help with the whole sweating situation...if you find a sports bra that works for you like that, you'll have to keep me updated. I've been meaning to do a post on the whole sports bra topic, myself...