Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Day 42: 3.0 miles

3.0 miles. 27:59. 9:20 pace

So um.... My plans for today were to run 1 slow mile and then do 15 minutes or so of Ballet Beautiful. Once I got on the treadmill though, I decided that I'd rather just run tonight. I had quite an eventful morning and wanted to work some of the tension out.

It's been super cold here. I'm pretty sure that wherever you are, too, it's been obnoxiously cold. The last few days we've seen windchills between -30 and -50f. So naturally, my van refuses to start when it's that cold. Karl had just been taking the battery out to warm up in the house and then replacing it. Or, I would just take his car, which doesn't seem to mind the cold as much as mine does.

Well, we both needed to go somewhere today at the same time so he put my battery back in so I could take Max to Nursery School on my way to work. It took him twice as long as normal. It was also -35 windchill. So... Karl was not a happy dude this morning.

It started up fine, but the sliding passenger doors were frozen shut. Ugh. This happens so often and it seriously puts me into a rage.  Max crawled in through the driver door and we pulled out into the alley. For some reason, though, it was like we were driving on a hockey rink. I just could not get good traction. I finally got to the main road (it really didn't take that long) and the tire pressure gauges finally showed their readings. My driver side rear tire had a mere 1 pound of pressure. ONE. Fudge nugget. 

It was just as far to the gas station as it was home so I went to go put some air into it. When I pulled up to the air thing I tried calling Karl... several times. He wouldn't answer. I'm starting to mildly freak out here. Then... I notice that the air thing requires you to put quarters in it. Wtf? I've never seen anything like that before and I swear it wasn't like that this summer. I called my boss to ask his opinion if it's even worth putting air in it because it's flat or if I should just walk home. He told me to give it a go. I grabbed a couple of quarters and was just about to pop them in when I dug the nozzle outta the snow and it was nothing like I'd seen before (it had like a handle on it and I wasn't sure what was supposed to go where) plus it was caked up with snow. Just as my anxiety is about to go over the top into full on panic mode, I noticed that there was an auto repair place next door. And suddenly I remembered Karl saying that the guy that lives two doors down from us (he's also in the fire dept with Karl) just bought it with a buddy of his. Max and I walked over there and they filled up my tire enough to drive it into the garage and then they finished filling it up and the rest of the tires. While I was there , I figured I might as well get a new battery so Karl didn't have to go out and buy one and then install it when he'd much rather blow the van up and use it as target practice.

Shortly after we left, though.... My tire started losing air AGAIN. I took it straight to the tire shop in the next town and told them I needed a new tire (they didn't have tires at the repair shop). I was so frustrated with my stupid van. 

Turns out, my tire was fine. I guess sometimes the tire separates from the rim a bit when it's super cold out and then starts leaking air. Dirt and gunk can then get in there and make it worse. (I think that's what tire dude told me) The tire dude cleaned it out, filled it back up, and only charged me $21. He said he's had at least 15 per month this winter or something like that. 

He totally could have sold me a new tire. I was ready to write out the check. 

There were lots of heroes today helping out a damsel in distress.

Only sucky part is that my anxiety was on overdrive all day. When I get super anxious like that, I have a hard time forming sentences. I forget words, mix words around, and sometimes say whole sentences out of order. It's frustrating and just makes everything worse. It's not like I'm speaking gibberish all day, it'd just be a word or two out of order, or I'll stumble on words. It's a little hard to explain I guess. 

I feel better now after the run. Not totally 100% but after sleeping I should be back to normal.

Well, normal for me... ;)

Ok this is random: After I run sometimes I do laundry since I'm in the basement. (I threw in towels tonight in case you're curious)

It's so dry in my house and at the office because the furnaces are running almost constantly. My face must have dried out really bad today because the sweat was making it burn. Nothing a little coconut oil couldn't fix!

See ya tomorrow!

Edit: I forgot to mention how I did adding veggies to my diet today. I did ok. I didn't have time to make eggs with spinach and peppers so I grabbed a Lara Bar before I left so I wouldn't just buy a Snickers out of the vending machine. For lunch I had steamer veggies and tuna. Karl made hamburger steaks with onions gravy and potatoes. Not the healthiest, I'm sure but it was yummy and I didn't have to cook it!

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