Monday, January 20, 2014

Day 54: 3.0 miles

3.0 miles. 33:20. 11:07 pace.

Bahahahahahahahahahaha. I know I know. I was supposed to do 4 miles and usually when I say I'm going to do 4, I do 5. And I do them fast.

I did this run at 6:45 AM.

On something like 5 hours of sleep.

SO, all things considered.... I absolutely ROCKED this run.

I even matched my outfit.

I really do hate running in shorts. I'm not sure why I set these out last night. They are probably going to go into the sell pile. 

Cause I mean really.... I've got 4 kids. I've got no business wearing shorts that short.

I'm still nervous for tomorrow. I hope I make it through at least 6 of the scheduled twelve intervals.

My legs are still tired from yesterday.

Fingers crossed I survive....

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