Monday, January 6, 2014

Day 40: 2.25 miles

2.25 miles. 24:19. 10:48 pace.

(Edit: this is not the original picture that was in this post. I didn't like how the first one appeared once the post was live so I swapped it for a different one when I couldn't fix it. The original was tiny and became poor quality when uploaded to blogger. I do have confidence issues posting "selfies" of myself, but it had nothin to do with that :) Carry on...)

I slowed it way down today but I got sooooo bored. I'm kind of sick of the songs on my running playlist so I thought I could get caught up on Dexter. Because it's the first episode of the season they are setting up the plot and it wasn't holding my attention that well. PLUS, I can add another bra that no longer fits right to the pile for everyday wear. Ugh.... Jiggly bitties is uncomfortable at any pace. So that's the main reason I cut my run a little short. 

So now, I'm down to ONE bra (Moving Comfort Juno) that works most of the time. It's even slightly too big in the band I think. I'm going to buy another one or two before the bra sale is over at Road Runner Sports, though. 

My heart rate was still crazy high today for what I felt it should have been. I only decreased my caffeine intake a little and I could use a little more sleep.

On a happier note... I think my shin is finally starting to feel better!!

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  1. I feel your pain. My jugs are shrinking and I'm in between sizes right now. The 36-38BC is getting too big and the girls bounce but the 34-36 is too tight in the cups. Boo for jiggling juggies.