Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Day 61: 4.0 miles

4.0 miles. 42:09. 10:32 pace.

This run was fantastically awesome.  It was as if all of the stars aligned to give me this (much needed) great run.  The odds were stacked against me.  For one thing... it's so cold outside that there's no school.  Therefore, absolutely no way am I doing today's (Monday's) run outside.  The second factor I had against me was that apparently the person who is supposed to work at Anytime Fitness today decided for whatever reason that they'd rather not.  No staff = no registering for free trial for Tara.  The third factor is that my treadmill is still "technically" out of commission.  On Sunday, my dad stopped over and he got the crease flattened enough so that it didn't rub against the plastic motor housing.  He did this by holding a rolling pin up to the back roller while the treadmill was going at a slow pace.  The crease is still there, but not as obnoxious.

I decided I was going to attempt the treadmill.  I spent a few minutes making sure the tension was right and making a few adjustments to keep the belt from moving to the side.  I kept my speed down and kept checking the belt to make sure I wasn't making the crease worse.  


BOOM!  Knocked out 4 easy miles.

I really wanted to speed up a few times but... say this with me... EASY RUNS ARE BENEFICIAL.

When it was done I felt refreshed and energetic.  Which is how I'm supposed to feel after an easy run.

As a last resort, if I found I was unable to run on my treadmill, I was simply going to run laps around my kitchen, dining room, and living room until I hit a mile.  I was going to use both the Nike+ app and my Garmin with the HRM because they both act as pedometers.  Yes, I would have been that desperate to run like a raving lunatic around my house for at mile.  I've got a streak to keep alive, don't I?  Actually maybe I should do that one night anyway when I only have a mile to do.  I'll call it "tag" and chase Max and Cede around the house thereby saving myself a visit from the men in white coats.

When I was at Target on Saturday I saw this and thought it looked good, since I like curry and all.

Golden Lentil BORING curry

I ate it for lunch. It was ok.  It definitely had a curry flavor to it, but it was a bland curry like it was watered down for old people or babies.  I would buy it again, but only if it was on sale.  Just thought you'd like to know. ;)

On Friday I let my hair down... and straightened it.  I almost always have my hair back in some sort of messy bun.  When it's not straightened it's pretty wavy (which is why I can't cut my hair short... it just poofs up and looks ridiculous) so it was hard to gauge just how long it is.  Check this out:

Long hair, don't care.
Adriana over at Laced Up With Lipstick also has some crazy long gorgeous looking dark locks.  Where am I going with this?  Well... nowhere really.  I just kinda wanted to show that I don't always look like a sweaty mess!  Plus I happened to take the selfie in front of my race bib wall and even though the pic is grainy (bad lighting in my bedroom) I like the pic.  I'm starting to embrace the selfie, haha.

Funny story about Friday.  I was at the varsity girls basketball game (Callie plays on the 7th-8th grade team and Taylor is a varsity cheerleader) and during half time the cheerleading coach does this scavenger hunt type game.  She called out, "first person to the stage with hand sanitizer gets a prize." Well the lady I was sitting next to loads her purse up with odd items just for this game and she had hand sanitizer.  She handed it to me and said "Go!" So... I went.  Out of the corner of my eye I saw a high school chica heading up to the stage.  I booked it.  She noticed I was racing her when I got close and she started sprinting.  Well... naturally, so did I.  It ended up being a dead tie and I got a little candle for my efforts (which I gave to the lady with the hand sanitizer even though she told me to keep it - we don't burn candles in our house).  I was pretty jazzed.  Normally the old people (you know... all of the people that are no longer in high school) don't sprint up to the stage and race the high school kids.

Later that evening, when we were home, Callie said that when I was running up to the stage her friends were like, "Is that ... Taylor...?" "Wow, your mom is fast." "She runs just like you!"

Bahahahahahahahaha thanks kids.  Thanks for making this "old-timer" feel good about herself.  Callie and Taylor have been known for their speed in running since... well they could run. Someday I'll be able to keep up with them.  :)


  1. Love your hair and your muscles!!!!

  2. Haha racing to the stage against a high schooler ROCKS! Kudos to you!