Saturday, January 11, 2014

Day 45: 3.0 miles

3.0 miles. 32:11. 10:42pace.

Today's run was fantastically good for my soul. It was slow, which was needed, and outside. I forget just how hard it is to run over loose snow. My ankles were a little tired towards the end.

I bet my run being awesome had something to do with this: 

That is my breakfast of champions. Three scrambled eggs with about a handful I chopped ham and a handful of chopped peppers that were sautéed a bit in olive oil.  Usually I put spinach in the pan to wilt (a handful or two) but I'm out so I added ham.  I always top my eggs with salt, pepper, and hot sauce.

The sauce of the gods... It didn't want to be photographed.

I ended up being spontaneously alone today.

So I finally got to watch the season premiere of Downton Abbey! I hope they sack Barrow this season.... I have never liked him!!!

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