Sunday, January 19, 2014

Day 52: 4.28 miles

4.28 miles. 44:17. 10:21 pace.

Positive splits. To be fair though, I purposely slowed down. Since the entire world was running miles for Meg Menzies, I wanted to take in the scenery of the neighborhood.

I'm surprised I was able to run this without issue. Shortly before this run I did 50 minutes of strength training a la Ballet Beautiful.

My fave workout buddy, Mercedes, joined me.

She lasted about 2 minutes.

My legs felt like jello afterwards.

Oh! I finally got my VO2 max thingy to work on my Garmin so I was able to see the race predictor.

Oh Garmin... You have so much faith in me. I laughed when I saw what you thought me capable of. The few reviews I've seen on the race predictor feature always had at least one time that was spot on or pretty close.

I can't let the Garmin down. He believes in me.  So I made the race predictor time pic my lock screen on my phone.

I'll work hard for you, oh little Garmin. Either to prove you right or prove you wrong.

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