Thursday, January 30, 2014

Day 62: 8.0 miles

8.0 miles. 1:18:33. 9:49 pace.

Today (1/28/14) I had intervals.  12 of them to be exact.  Each one 1/4 mile in duration at 7mph (8:34 pace or something like that).

This was a repeat of last Tuesday's speed session.  The one that I bonked on because I started my intervals at 8mph (7:30ish pace).

I'm happy to report that I was able to complete ALL TWELVE intervals.

And then I promptly ran an extra mile.  Just because I wanted to.

Well... technically... I was SUPPOSED to run a cool down mile but I didn't do it at a cool down pace.  I did it at a moderate pace of 6.1 mph.

To recap: My 1 mile warm up was at 5.5mph (10:54 pace).  Each speed interval was at 7mph (8:34).  Each recovery interval was at 5.5-5.7 mph (10:32-10:54).  Extra "cool down" mile at 6.1mph (9:49).

Via Instagram... This is my "Holy shiz I did it!!" face.
I did use some fuel during some of the recovery periods.  I bought a bag of Haribo gummi bears after Adriana mentioned she used them on her runs.  I forgot to open the bag and fish out the green ones beforehand.  I think I only ended up eating one yucky green one though.  And no... there's no way to see what color I'm shoving into my mouth because I like to run in the dark.  I'm a freak like that.

When I came upstairs after running, I discovered that my little loves had made a fort out of the dining room table using practically every blanket we own and using all of the books from the bookshelf to keep the blankets in place.  They also had lots of random crap tossed under the table, like little squirrels stashing goods for winter.  So much for big sissies doing the baby sitting.  There was more iphone watching that younger sibling watching.  Tsk. Tsk. At least everyone was still breathing and the house wasn't aflame, right?  Beggars can't be choosers.

When I mentioned the stuff under the table to Max he says, "Mom!! We cleaned off the table for you!"

Sure as shit... inside their little hoard under the table was the pile of mail and other miscellaneous junk that accumulates on our table throughout the day.

Sigh.  Thanks, kids... someday I'll have to teach them that cleaning something doesn't mean just hiding it all under the table (or their bed).

I wish I would have had the foresight to take a picture.

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