Friday, January 10, 2014

Day 44: 4.0 miles

4.0 miles. 39:47. 9:57 pace.

Haha another numerical coincidence. 4 miles on day 44. Awesome sauce.

I planned to do 3 today, 4 tomorrow, and if I'm not dead, 5 on Sunday. Well, when it was almost at the 3 mile mark, Eminem came up on the playlist. You can't stop running when Mr. Slim Shady is rapping directly to you. So I ran another mile. 

I'll do 3 tomorrow.

Supper was waiting for me on the stove when I was done so I forgot to take some sort of pic for today.

Everyone will be home this weekend so the chances are pretty high that I might log some longer runs than planned. I love my kids and man but holy crap they drive me nuts too. Running is my chance to recharge from the craziness of my household!

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