Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Day 55: 5.0 miles

5.0 miles. 47:38. 9:32 avg pace.

Today was interval day.  For those of you unfamiliar with what intervals are, what you do is run really fast for the specified distance, and then run slow (the recovery) for a specified distance and then repeat the specified number of times. Today's workout (after a 1-3 mile warmup) was 12x400m intervals with 400m recovery. 400m is about a quarter mile. So in this case, after warming up, you would run a quarter mile super fast, then run a quarter mile super slow, and then repeat that eleven more times for 6 miles total. 3 at the speedy pace and 3 at the recovery pace.  I hope that makes sense. If not, let me know. 

I ran a one mile warmup at 11:00 then cranked it up to 8.0 mph (7:30 pace) for a quarter mile. I started my recovery quarter mile at 6mph (10:00 pace).  I lasted 3 intervals at those speeds. 8mph is too fast for me right now. I know this because I started to lose bladder control towards the end of the third interval. Awesome huh? Hahahahahaha. I've had 4 kids. A set of twins and then two ten pound monsters. I'm actually surprised I have any bladder control at all.

Anyway... After that third interval each one got prgressively slower, ending at 7 mph, which is still speedy at about an 8:30 pace.

I think had I started somewhere between 7 and 7.5 mph I would have been able to finish all twelve intervals instead of the 8 I completed. I was just instructed to do them at 5k pace. Since I haven't ever done a timed 5k I was just guessing what speed I should do.

Next Tuesday I'm supposed to do 8x600m intervals (about .375 miles) but I'm thinking I'm going to redo the one from today, the 12x400. I'm not even sure how I would do 600m intervals on my treadmill without changing the display screen to kilometers... And I'm not even sure how I would do that. 

I guess I could figure out at which times I need to be running fast and slow ahead of time and have it written down and taped to the display... But I like to run in the dark so I wouldn't see it anyway. ;)

This is the picture I sent to Karl afterwards (he is at work):

Max (my 5 year old son) came up to me and said, " Momma... You all sweaty like a pine corn."

I'm not sure what a pine corn is but I'm thinking it's gotta be some sort of crazy awesome super hero/warrior that even Chuck Norris bows down to.

Yup. That's totally it.

I'm an awesome pine corn.

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  1. Good job Pine Corn speedy. :) I'd say don't try to make up what you didn't do yesterday, you don't want to get injured by doing speed work two days in a row.

    1. lol Max is a unique character and is cheap entertainment.

      I won't do it today, don't worry!! I will be doing intervals every Tuesday and then tempo runs every Thursday. All other runs will be easy paced.

  2. Love your son's comments! 5 yo's say the cutest things and love that you have the little one to keep you entertained along your streak. Good luck!