Sunday, January 26, 2014

Day 59: 6.0 miles

6.0 miles. 1:04:41. 10:47 pace.

After the pity party was over on Friday about my treadmill being out of commission, I had to strategize as to how I was going to get my runs in this weekend.  I was scheduled for 6 miles on Saturday, and 8 miles on Sunday.

There are two gyms in the next town over (about 5 miles away).  Anytime Fitness and Snap Fitness.  Anytime's website said that they were staffed on Saturdays from 10-2.  I signed up for a free trial via their website and then called the location and left a message.  I never heard back from them.  Their Facebook page listed different hours than the corporate website.  Apparently no one is there on Saturdays.

My last option (no, running outside was never an option.  too cold) was to drive 45 minutes to the YMCA I used to go to when I lived closer to it.  They offer day passes and are staffed on weekends.  So… I headed over there at about 1:15.

Holy hannah.  It was HOT in the fitness room.  I'm used to a 50 degree basement PLUS a fan.  I felt like I was running in a sauna.

I didn't mind running around other people.  It was kind of a distraction.  I watched the lady on the bike in front of me do some sort of intervals for awhile.  I watched an old dude in jeans walk on two different treadmills for a few minutes each before leaving.  I did, however, hate how brightly lit the place was.  Jeez…

After my run was over I had to wait to be able to get back to my locker.  A mom and her 3 little kids were hogging the area after getting out of the pool.  I'm too nice to say anything.

My workout clothes were so drenched with sweat that I'm sure I could have rung them out.  It was like I had taken a dip in the pool myself.

With so many people using the pool, I felt uncomfortable taking a shower afterwards. I just got dressed (in the bathroom stall… there was a little girl around 8 that kept staring at me while I was grabbing my clothes and I got weirded out and didn't want to change in front of her). When I finally got out of there I went to Target, praying that I wouldn't run into anyone I knew, being a sticky mess and all.

I didn't get home until 5.

I wish I had some pictures to post about this run.  I was too self conscious.  Plus… I actually had to start a new run because the treadmill only allows runs of 60 minutes.  Lame.

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