Sunday, January 19, 2014

Day 53: 6.0 miles

6.0 miles. 1:05:27. 10:54 pace.

Oof. Beautiful positive splits again. I did try to run slower after awhile to keep my heart rate down, but after about the third mile, I didn't have any trouble keeping a slow pace. 

My entire body was a little sore from doing Ballet Beautiful yesterday. 

But that was ok because I love being sore.

My legs just felt really tired today.

PLUS I could feel it getting colder in the hour I was running.

Brrrrrrr...... It took me a couple hours to warm up. 

I almost took a nap too.

Tomorrow morning I get to run 4 miles.  I have something going on in the evening so it's either got to be at 6am or 9pm. I don't want to be staying up late tomorrow because I have my very first speed workout on Tuesday. 

I. Am. Nervous. For. Tuesday. 

But in an excited kind of way ;)

I officially registered for the Get Lucky half Marathon in St Paul on March 15.

Can't wait!!!!!

I have to start collecting green gear!

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