Friday, January 17, 2014

Day 51: 5.0 miles.

5.0 miles. 53:02. 10:36 pace.

I was looking forward to this run all day. This morning when I got to the office (finally... Mercedes was stubborn and wouldn't pick out what big girl undies she wanted... And the dog was a little... Constipated outside. Took him forever to poop. The roads are still icy... Crazy morning) I booked a hotel near the start/finish of the Get Lucky Half Marathon. I may have accidentally also booke one near the start of the 7k race in Minneapolis. I clicked the wrong link. I had clicked on the info for the 7k. Even as I was booking it I was wondering why they were saying the half was run in St. Paul when the start and finish was in Minneapolis. 


I still have to cancel it.

I spent a lot of the afternoon checking the Get Lucky Facebook page for race updates. They still hadn't posted the routes or start times. 

They finally announced start times. The half is starting at 8:30 and the 7k will start at 9:00.

Karl also announced that he'd like to do the 7k.

Ok fine. 

But we are staying in St. Paul near MY race start and you, my love, can drive yourself over to Minneapolis. 

Or you can carry my crap so I don't have to check a bag and be my cheerleader. ;)

Anyway... I was all excited to run since I'm now "officially" training.

It was kind of an epic let down

I really dislike running on the treadmill when it's light out. Karl had already claimed the mill for when he was off of work (at 6pm) so I left the office early to get it done before he got home.

That was problem number 1.

Problem number two involved receiving FOUR phone calls in a 15 minute time span. Declined them all. I was busy. 

Problem number 3 involved an annoying political YouTube ad that I was forced to watch (no "skip ad" button ever appeared) that was THIRTY SECONDS LONG!!!! I was forced to watch that garbage 5 times!!!! I despise political ads. I can tolerate the "vote for me because I believe in this this and this" ads. I absolutely LOATHE with every ounce of my being the "don't vote for this guy because he's dirty and stinky and poops his pants" lie filled garbage ads. 

Jerks. I'll be listening to pandora or iTunes Radio or maybe even my own music for awhile.  

Still mad about it. 

Where's the wine...


  1. I really hate having to wait during those ads to watch what I want to, I would actually pay a fee to get to the video directly than having to sit through that crap.

    1. I know, right?? I think a lot of people would gladly pay a fee. They should at least give us the option to check a box or two stating which kinds of ads we'd like to see.