Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Day 35: 1.0 mile

Well, the streak is officially over. The Runner's World Holiday Run Streak Challenge, that is. I am going to keep going as long as I can. Ultimate goal... The whole year. Hopefully I won't break myself.  Speaking of that... This is goin to be pretty boring the next few days because I am forcing myself to only run 1 mile the next couple of days. My shin should not still be hurting after a week and a half. This is a bit ridiculous. 

I did run my mile today a little fast, but my leg felt fine and I was a little on the crabby side so I had a bit of aggression to work out in a short period of time on the treadmill.

1 mile. 8:20. Stretched my IT band and calves immediately after. I really need to start doing some strength work too on these days I only run 1 mile. Next time, I suppose.

Back to work tomorrow after having a week and a half off. The morning is going to be brutal because the kiddos have been sleeping in late just like me. 

This might sound ridiculous but I have a hard time with these post run selfies. Maybe it's a confidence thing but I feel like I look... Weird in them. And I'm not used to having so many pictures of just myself in one spot. I feel narcissistic or something. I guess I'll just take more pics of my shoes or something until spring when I can get outside more and take pics of the scenery. 

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