Sunday, December 1, 2013

Day 4: 2.0 miles

Because yesterday was a slightly harder (than I'm used to) workout, I wanted today to be a consistently paced, "easy" run. I set the treadmill to 5.7 mph, turned on an episode of Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and covered up the distance screen. When the episode was over I was pleasantly surprised to see 1.97 miles... So I cranked it up to 10 mph til it hit 2.0 miles. That's what any normal person would do, right!? Haha. It probably didn't even get completely up to speed. I've run short intervals at 9 mph before but I don't think I've ever hit the 10 button. 

It took about 11 seconds for the treadmill to get up to speed at the beginning (5.7mph... For some reason it started at like 2.5 and it took a couple seconds to realize it) so I took 11 seconds off my time.

So... Let's say "gun" time was 20:56 and my "chip" time was 20:45.

I wore my pink pure flows again, but I left my purple compression socks on. My feet got REALLY hot. Could be the socks... Could be the treadmill is in need of a lube job.

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