Monday, December 9, 2013

Day 12: 2.25 miles

I did it!!!!! I managed to truly have a slow, short, recovery run. I only ran an extra .25 miles today because I wasn't paying attention to the distance side of the screen. I have to stop at an even distance if I can help it.  Ran those 2.25 miles in 24:34 which is a 10:55 pace. 

I had issues with music today. When it got to Radioactive... It's like it muted itself. I shut my phone off and restarted it... Tried to get radioactive to play and again... It muted itself. When I shut the phone off and turned it back on yet AGAIN, I skipped Radioactive and was able to finish off the run with tunes (and no I didn't stop running while I was fiddling with my phone). I also had issues getting the ear buds to stay in my ears tonight. What the heck, right!? When it rains, it pours I guess!

I'm so happy that I stuck to my original plan of taking it easy today. I woke up the morning feeling really sore in the abs and tight in my left ankle. My abs are sore because I developed a side stitch during yesterday's run and just toughed it out. My whole body just felt tired all day... Until it came time to fire up the treadmill. To discourage myself from pushing the pace and distance, I dressed warmer than I typically would have. I wore yoga pants and a lululemon long sleeve swiftly. I get too hot in a swiftly if the temp is above 50 degrees. My basement is around 50-55. My original plan to discourage running hard was to wear a regular bra... But then I wasn't sure I'd even make it a mile without giving myself a black eye and went with plan B (overdressing). I definitely could have hit 3 or 4 miles (or more) especially at the slower pace. But I truly am glad that I didn't. There's always tomorrow ;)

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