Saturday, December 7, 2013

Day 10: 3.0 miles

I got almost zero sleep last night. I'm talking maybe 4.5 hours. It had nothing to do with the extra mileage I ran yesterday. I just woke up at 4:15 (my arm had gone numb because I was laying on it and I was having a bizarre dream on top of it) and just couldn't fall back to sleep. All day long I was so exhausted, my body just ached. If it wasn't for this challenge... I would never had laced up my running shoes. I would have called it a rest day and played solitaire on the iPad all evening. 

When I was putting my shoes on... I was ONLY going to do a mile. Not one step more. By the time I got to the treadmill a minute or so later, I was already up to 1.5. When I finally got all the settings entered and started up the music I had settled on doing 3 miles. I probably would have done more, but I AM worried about my foot. (I did ice it today and put KT tape on it. I also spent a couple hours researching foot problems. A stress fracture should have healed by now. It's been 3 months! I think I'm going to try a metatarsal pad and see if that helps at all. It doesn't hurt when I run or walk... It just doesn't feel right... And I get a bit of an ache when I move my foot in a certain way. If it wasn't in the same exact spot as the stress fracture I wouldn't think twice about it. I fear the soul sucking excruciating pain again so much that it COULD also be psychosomatic. You never know.)

So anyway... I really really forced myself to not hit the speed above 6 mph once I was warmed up, even though I was right at the front of the treadmill. I finished 3 miles in 31:41 which is about a 10:34 pace.

I decided to add up the miles that I've run this far in the challenge. In the last 10 days, I've run 26.9 miles!

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