Saturday, December 21, 2013

Day 24: 1.0 mile

Today was pretty fun. Karl drove by in the fire truck this morning with Santa and then I got the kids ready and we went to the fire station to go tell Santa what we wanted. By we I mean the kids. I wanted to tell Santa that I wanted the new Garmin 620 but I got too shy. Oh well. 

When we got home I realized that it was a whole 15 degrees outside! Holy heat wave, Batman! I "patiently" waited for Karl to get home from Santa duty at the station so I could get out for a run. Got the whole kitchen scrubbed while waiting. Turned out there was a car accident they were called out to right as they were finishing up and that's why I had to wait an extra hour. Don't worry. Only minor injuries.

My legs certainly felt the 5 miles from yesterday and the 4 from the day before that so I just did one mile outside. If I would have fired up the treadmill I probably would have done 2. The cold air made me feel out of breath right away!

Nike+ app (after calibrating to the treadmill) said I ran 1.01 in 10:18

Here's what the Garmin said:

 1.01 mi in 10:23. I keep forgetting that the app takes a couple of seconds to actually start. I'm going to keep testing it both against the treadmill and the Garmin. I've gotten used to just holding my phone in my hand so it's really not that big of a deal.

So....anyway... Unfortunately for me... The treadmill is pretty close to spot on. Boo. I swore the speed was off on it.

But... Yay for outdoor run selfies!


  1. Great job on the mile! I know my times are always slower in winter months with the snow and rough roads :)

    ~ Lora @ Crazy Running Girl

    1. Thanks! Now that you're in Texas, will you have to deal with snowy runs very often? ;)