Sunday, December 22, 2013

Day 25: 3.0 miles

I felt amazing during this run... Except for achiness in my shins of all places. Pain migrates throughout my body. This is nothing new. It happens even when I'm not running. It's just now that I am running regularly, the pain only moves around my lower half (well, and my neck/shoulders.. But that'll never go away). 

Anyway, the shins started aching a wee bit after yesterday's run over the snow. Just going to keep icing them to see if it gets worse or if it just moves on to another area.

Back to the run. I felt really good! When the shin pain first kicked in, I switched over to heel striking, but since I was only at 5.6 mph, it was more like a power walk. So I cranked it up to 6mph. After awhile I switched back to my regular running form but kept the speed at 6. I kept bumping it up in the 3rd mile. The last .10 was at 8 mph. And managed to complete 3.0 miles in 29:56 (9:59 avg)

No nike+ app photo today. I made a run playlist yesterday on YouTube and that app has to be open the whole time. I was going to take a sweaty picture pic anyway... But I switched out the laundry since I was already downstairs and then I immediately wanted to ice my shins. So I forgot. Instead, I found this on Instagram the other day. I'm hoping it won't be too fuzzy when viewed on a computer (I type up these posts in the blogger app on my phone since all my run data and pics are on my phone anyway).

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