Saturday, December 28, 2013

Day 31: 3.1 miles

Huh... I just noticed that I did 3.1 miles on day 31. Totally wasn't planned. I was hoping for 4, but when I hit 3 miles, the thought of running for another 10 minutes sounded like the worst idea in the whole world. So I decided a 5k would be fine.

3.1 miles. 30:41. 9:54 avg pace

I realize the photo is a little blurry. It was fine when I took it. 

I'm having issues with my sports bras lately. They all seem too big. So today I wore two. It was still annoying. I measured myself today and I have NOT lost any inches in the chest so maybe the sports bras are stretched out? That would most definitely be a bummer though because they were expensive and they aren't even a year old.  I'm going to order a size down in the band of the Moving Comfort Juno to see if that helps. If not... I guess I'll just have to pick up some ACE bandages and tape those gals down. I hate bouncy boobies.

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