Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Day 13: 5.0 miles

I was shooting for 4 miles... Ended up doing 5. This shouldn't surprise you in the least. 51:45 total time which is a 10:21 pace. Not too shabby... 

Because I'm kinda sick of picture-less posts, I took a pic of today's run outfit before I got dressed. Not very exciting. Plum crops from American Eagle, pink Moving Comfort Juno bra, and power purple lululemon swiftly tank.

My IT band is still feeling tight... So I stretched and foam rolled it after the run. Hopefully this foam rolling helps... Because it sure does hurt to do!!!

One thing I am noticing now after 13 days is that I am really hungry in the evenings (a few hours post run) I'm not used to eating this much and still have my pants fit! 

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