Friday, December 6, 2013

Day 9: 5.0 miles

I fully intended to only run 1 mile tonight. I started to feel a tiny but of pressure where my stress fracture was this summer off and on today (mostly when I'd flex my foot and bring my toes towards me). But... I accidentally ran 5. 

Since I was only going to run a mile... I brought my phone down to just listen to music. And well, one simply does not stop running when Queen is playing. Then after I'd gone past a mile and I was still feeling awesome, I would just tell myself... "I'll just run another mile" while simultaneously turning the speed up. My brain must be addicted to endorphins or something haha

I started out at 5.5mph and ended at 6.5 mph. Total time was 50:51 which is about a 10:10 pace.

I wore my pink pure flows again, my C9 fleece lined running tights, lululemon All Sport Bra, RRS tank, and RRS socks. The socks were new and thicker than I'm used to. Couldn't tell a difference. Might even like them better than my lululemon socks!

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