Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Day 6: 2.5 miles

Today was another treadmill run. I finished up that episode of The Tudors that I started yesterday. I got to watch the botched execution of Thomas Cromwell. Always exciting haha. This is the first time that I've run this many days in a row, so my body is starting to feel a little bit tight. My left IT band is a wee bit stiff and my right forefoot (where my stress fracture was this summer) is feeling a bit... "off." It doesn't hurt, but something was starting to not feel right in the front of my ankle, as well as some of my toes. For a little bit it felt like there was a seam from my socks rubbing against the top of the made of my toes. That was odd, because my socks are seamless. So... Despite feeling awesome otherwise... I refrained from turning the speed passed 6.0 mph and I stopped at 2.5 miles. No need to run myself into the ground or injure myself this early in the challenge! My time today was 25:34 which is about a 10:14/mi pace. That's probably still too fast for an "easy" run. It's just super hard to run slow on a treadmill because time moves slower, it seems, on it. It's easier for me to pull the reins in outside. 

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