Monday, December 2, 2013

Day 5: 3.0 miles

I didn't plan on running 3 miles today. I'm trying to so the smart thing and EASE into this daily running after essentially being sidelined for 3 months. I probably shouldn't even be doing 2 miles yet. 

I was watching an episode of The Tudors and I lost a little track of the time. I checked the distance thinking I hadn't even hit 2.0 yet and I was already at 2.37. AND rather than doing the sensible thing of stopping at 2.5, I decided to go for 3. My rational brain typically goes out the window when I'm running. Which, I suppose isn't a BAD thing, usually. Definitely helps keep me from quitting early. But... I'm trying not to injure myself... again. I'm more injury prone it seems than Percy Harvin. 

Still trying to keep it at an "easy" pace of 10:00-11:00 per mile.  I think I need to back down some tomorrow after today's 3.0 mile run in 30:21! 

I wore my pink pure flow 2s again today.

I had a lot less shoulder tightening going on today, but I got heartburn towards the end. Darn spaghetti at lunch!

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