Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Day 7: 3.0 miles

Woot woot! One whole week down! I reeeeeeaaaaaallllllllyyyyyyy didn't feel like running today. I'm starting to feel more fatigued earlier in the day now. Plus... We've gotten like a foot and a half of snow the last couple of days (not exaggerating) and I unfortunately have had to shovel a little bit the last two mornings in order to get to work. 

Anyway... I was whining the whole way down to the basement. I was cold and I just didn't want to go down to the cold basement. I was running for quite awhile before I took my zip up hoodie off. Probably 3/4 mile in. The first minute or so I even had the hood up haha.

I started a new season of The Tudors (Catherine Howard is such a twit) and managed to not touch the speed buttons AT ALL. Go me. Kept it at 5.7 mph the whole time. So... 3.0 miles in 31:36 is something like a 10:34 pace. Smack dab in the middle of my "easy" range. I got a little bored toward the end (I should watch season 2 of The Tudors instead. I'm most definitely a Anne Boleyn fan and I love Natalie Dormer's version of her) but I definitely could have cranked out another mile or two at that pace. 

My left IT band is feeling tight after my runs. I HAVE to nip this in the bud so it doesn't turn into severe knee pain like last time. I ordered a cheapo foam roller from amazon and it should be here tomorrow. Assuming that the snowstorm doesn't hinder it's travel plans! On a positive note, my right foot felt totally fine. The plantar fasciitis in my left foot isn't flaring up either. Keeping my fingers crossed I can keep all of these past injuries in check. I truly am injury prone!!

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