Thursday, December 5, 2013

Day 8: 3.0 miles

I did my run tonight a little bit later than I would have liked. But... Still got it done! I was being a whiney brat about being cold so I wore my fleece lined running tights. I might have ended up getting too hot in those. I'm not sure. All I know is my legs felt really tired. I probably should have stopped at 2.0 miles.  My brain just throws logic out the window when I'm running and then all of a sudden I'm telling myself I'm a wuss if I quit "early." I really should probably write out a training plan so that I quit doing this!

Anyway, I continued watching The Tudors on the treadmill tonight. I thought about going for an outdoor run today... Until I actually went outside for something. It was probably close to 0 degrees with the wind chill.  No thanks! 

I did fiddle with the speed while running but not too bad. I kept it under 6mph! Finished my 3.0 miles in 31:26, which is about a 10:29 pace.

I wore my pink pure flows again...they make me feel speedy even if I'm not!

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