Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Day 21: 1.0 mile

I pretty much got no sleep last night. I was up late wired from eating lots of cordial cherry kisses when I heard Mercedes start coughing pretty hard around 1:30 am. I went up to check on her and of course, she was awake. So we "slept" on the couch. Well, I tried to to sleep. She watched TV til 3 am, when she finally passed out. Karl gets up for work at 5, so then I staggered into the bedroom and collapsed onto the bed and slept til 7am or so. 

I was fine all day until the sun went down. Then I was just over the top irritable.

I didn't get to my run until 8:30 tonight. 

I only planned on running 1 mile tonight anyway so it all worked out.  My heel/ankle still feels tight and I'm REALLY trying to force myself to adhere to alternating hard and easy days. There is nothing wrong with going slower some runs. Easy days are beneficial. 

I should write those last two sentences out on paper 500 times. Maybe it'd sink in then.

It was a beautiful 20 degrees (F) this afternoon! I wish I could have gotten out for a run, but I took the day off from work and was this home alone with the littles. I might have missed my chance to calibrate the nike+ app until spring arrives.

Today's run: 1.0 treadmill mile in 10:43

I didn't even take my hoodie off or bother  with a headband. I barely broke a sweat and wasn't out of breath. Truly was an easy run.

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