Monday, December 16, 2013

Day 19: 4.25 miles

So ummm... I almost quit today. I just have been in a funk lately, not wanting to do much of anything but lie around under an electric blanket while eating junk food. 

If it weren't for the streak, and this blog, I probably would have just said eff it.

But clearly, I didn't.

I whined and complained the whole time I was changing into my run clothes. I've been chilled all day (the warm up that was supposed to be today is now supposed to happen Wednesday) and undressing=instant chilliness... Plus the basement is not warm... And the treadmill is below a drafty window that's probably 60 years old. I was grumpy about anything that had to do with running. 

I was only going to run 2 miles. Not one step more.

But before the first mile was up, Eminem's Till I Collapse came up in my iTunes playlist. I felt a shiver go through me from head to toe... And I instantly had oodles of energy. I got my mojo back and it was amazing.

The treadmill said I ran 4.25 miles in 43:57, which is about a 10:20 pace. Nike+ app thinks I'm a Kenyan or something. I don't mind... It can think that. (I'm planning on calibrating it on my next outdoor run)

Not really any hip tightness today. Yesterday my ankle gave out on me right away into my run. It didn't hurt or give me any trouble - until after this run. I'm thinking it's related to the slight plantar fasciitis I already have, since the pain/tightness is in my heel and a little bit on the outside of the ankle. I'm going to really work on rolling out the plantar fascia tomorrow because I have a big run planned in a couple days!!

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