Monday, December 30, 2013

Day 33: 3.0 miles

This shin pain is driving me nuts. I took the insole out of the shoes I've been wearing and they are pretty thin where I typically land on my forefoot. They are more worn down than my two pairs of old shoes which have double and triple the miles on. I. Was. Annoyed. So I wore my older blue Pure Flow 1s on my run today to see if that helped at all. I think it did. I also wore my compression sleeves. 

3.0 miles. 29:44. 9:55 avg pace.

I still have my timing chip on them from the last half marathon I ran in June. 

I'm going to start rotating my shoes more, which I should have been doing all along. I guess the foam in the midsoles of some shoes need at least 24 hours to "recover" from a run. I've been wearing them almost daily and so they obviously haven't been getting that "rest" time. Hoping they puff back up a little bit. I'd hate to have to retire them after only 100 miles. I did buy a pair of dr scholls gel inserts to replace the worn out ones but I'm not sure if I'll use them or not.

When my shins heal I want to start wearing my Vibrams again once a week for a short, slow run. They are so fun to run in, but I obviously over did it when I got them because I fractured a metatarsal. (Vibrams+sidewalks=broken foot)

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