Thursday, February 20, 2014

Days 79-84 (Feb 14-19): 29.29 miles

I got a little behind again since I stopped using the blogger app on my phone.  When you add pictures in the app, the picture quality goes way down so I prefer to do it when I get to work.  It's been a little bit busier here with it being tax season at all and it's been KILLING me not to update here as often as I had been.  I've been toying around with the idea of just doing one weekly run post update and then filling in other days with other stuff that's running related like I see other bloggers doing.  I have one post started with just new gear I've purchased this month that will go up at the end of February.  I also have some review posts started.

Do you guys have a preference?  Do you prefer a daily run update or multiple days in one post?  No preference?  For me, as a blog reader, it kind of depends on the author.

Day 79 (Friday, Feb 14):

6.0 miles. 1:02:44. 10:27 pace.

I honestly don't recall anything about this run.  That's how utterly uneventful it was.

Day 80 (Saturday, Feb 15):

1.0 mile. 9:12 pace.

The day started off with this lovely work of art:

We were meeting Karl's parents in the parking lot of a grocery store that seriously has the best donuts for like a 500 mile radius.  They were sold out of the one that I wanted (a cookies and cream long john filled with buttercream frosting) so I settled on this dog bone filled with whipped frosting.  Amazing.

We shopped around a bit and found a treadmill at Sears that is pretty much just a step down from the one that I have picked out online.  So, we got to see the size of it and stand on it (no running though... they took all of the safety keys) and Karl was completely sold on it.  So... looks like I'll be ordering a new treadmill here shortly!

We hit up Olive Garden and I ordered the Tour of Italy.  It comes with lasagna, fettucine alfredo, and chicken parmigiana.  I pretty much got it because I couldn't decide between my regular (alfredo) and lasagna.  I was disappointed in all but the lasagna.  I didn't get enough alfredo on my fettucine and the parmesan crust on the chicken was a just ... eh... but the lasagna was delish!!!

We got home and just watched Olympics for a few hours and I finally dragged myself off of the couch to go run one mile, even though I was scheduled to run 5.  I just wasn't in the mood.

Day 81 (Sunday, Feb 16):

10.0 miles. 1:46:00. 10:36 pace.

This run was so fantastically awesome. I watched an episode of Sherlock in my darkened basement in the middle of the day.  I was really thirsty during the beginning of the run (my water drinking the day before was severely lacking) and then I started to get cold towards the end.  My hands felt like icicles.  Instead of gummy bears and gatorade I had two GUs and a bottle of orange flavored GU Brew (plus 2 20z bottles of water).  I definitely could have run longer.

I came upstairs and Karl had stopped at that grocery store again while picking up the kiddos and they had some of the cookies and cream donuts this time!

I had the biggest sugar high.   I could literally feel the sugar pump through my blood stream.  Mercedes, of course, wanted me to share.  How can I say "no" to that little bird!?

Later in the evening I heated up my Olive Garden leftovers.  I think I got 3 bites.  Mercedes stole the plate and then literally licked it clean.

Girl sure likes her Italian!  She's lucky she's so cute with all of the food stealing she's been doing!!

Day 82 (Monday, Feb 17):

5.0 miles. 53:28. 10:42 pace.

I was scheduled to do 7 miles today and I totally could have, it's just the guilty mommy brain wanted to run shorter today so I could spend a little bit more time with my babies.  Of course, they could have cared less.  Callie was too busy playing Flappy Bird and Max was showing Taylor how awesome he is playing Minecraft.  Mercedes had a princess nightgown and some play jewelry on and asked me when I came upstairs, "Want to dance with me in the living room?"  At least 1 kid out of 4 wants to hang out with me!

Day 83 (Tuesday, Feb 18):

6.0 miles. 57:16. 9:33 pace.

I was supposed to do intervals today.  I DID start them.  I started to do 6x800s.  After about 2 though, I just decided to turn it into a tempo run and change the speed up and down as I see fit like I used to do at the beginning of the streak.  It was a lot more enjoyable this way.  In fact, I could have run another mile or two and not have been completely wrecked afterwards. In essence.... I did a fartlek run today.  And yes... I needed to type that because fartlek is the coolest word ever.

Day 84 (Wednesday, Feb 19):

1.29 miles. 12:48. 9:54 pace.

As soon as I got home from work I headed out the door to run outside.  The last two days the temp had been in the mid to high 30s and we're expecting to get a snowstorm later this week before plunging back down below zero again next week.  Since I hadn't run outside in awhile it took a little bit before my watch connected to satellite (plus it was cloudy) so I bet my total distance is about 1.5 miles. It was amazing.  I mean... I really don't mind the treadmill... but spring can just hurry itself right up.

When I got home I was looking at the stats on my watch and I see that my VO2 max had been changed and thus my race predictor times have been updated.  I was flabbergasted.  For one thing... my first set of times seemed out of reach to me but I just saw it as a long term goal and thought, "maybe in a year I can come close to those times..." But now!?  Jeez...  How am I supposed to reach these times that Garmin predicts for me if as I get fitter, the bar is raised even higher!? 

I guess we'll see come race day next month how much more work I have to do, huh?  My time goal for the race changes depending on the day.  Some days I just want to beat my last time of 2:12:13, and other times I'm shooting for sub- 2:05, and sometimes I think that I can even do sub-2:00. I'm so freaking excited for this race... I wish it was this weekend! 

Well... no I don't... there'd be about a foot of snow on the roads... but you know what I mean!!!


  1. Your doing good on the running trend!! I'd like the plate clean too if it was Olive Garden! Smart girl! ;)

  2. I've never stopped by your blog before, but I tend to prefer weekly run updates on blogs sprinkled with other topics, but that's just me. And you're right, it does kind of depend on the blog author. Sounds like you've had a great few days of running! Good luck at your race! When is it?

    1. Clarinda, it's on March 15! Thanks for stopping by!