Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Day 69 (2/4): 6.0 miles

6.0 miles. 57:08. 9:31 pace.

oh. em. gee.  This run went fantastically well. 

In case anyone wants to replicate this workout and not have to think about it I typed it up for you to print off.  Change speeds if desired.  It won't hurt my feelings.

Warm up 1 mile: 5.6 mph
Mile 1.0-1.5: 7.0 mph
Mile 1.5-1.75: 5.6 mph
Mile 1.75-2.25: 7.0 mph
Mile 2.25-2.5: 5.6 mph
Mile 2.5-3.0: 7.0 mph
Mile 3.0-3.25: 5.6 mph
Mile 3.25-3.75: 7.0 mph
Mile 3.75-4.0: 5.6 mph
Mile 4.0-4.5: 7.0 mph
Mile 4.5-4.75: 5.6 mph
Mile 4.75-5.25: 7.0 mph
Mile 5.25-5.5: 5.6 mph
Mile 5.5-6.0: 6.5 mph

I was technically done with the workout after 5.5 miles but my OCD brain can't stand it when I don't complete whole miles while on the treadmill.  So, I ran an extra half mile at tempo pace (about 9:10/mi).  I was still feeling pretty good anyhow.

Now, don't think that I felt this workout was easy.  It wasn't.  Each interval I was literally counting down the distance to being done.  My legs burned towards the end of each.  I was just so flipping excited at having completed this workout at the speeds I did.  If I had done this at the gym I would have ran around giving everyone hugs and high fives.

I am still excited about it.  I look at the time and pace and think, "wow, I'm awesome."

To keep track of each interval I would place a gummi bear on the treadmill display ledge.  I should have lined up six gummi bears at the start and just ate one after each interval.  Next time, I guess!

To drag out the bra saga a little bit longer... I wore the 32C Moving Comfort Juno one last night.  Solo.  I tried to make a conscious effort NOT to adjust the thing.  I just tried to think about something else instead of wasting the physical and mental energy of constantly fiddling with my bra.  It worked... kinda. 

The two Armour bras by Under Armour showed up.  I ordered one more size to try and it will be here tomorrow (Feb 6).  If I end up keeping one to try on a run, expect a full review.  If not... well... you'll get a mini review on why I'm not keeping them. 

Anyone else have a fantastic run lately??


  1. I really like your blog! I started reading after you were featured on Katie's motivational Monday. Going to give your workout a try on the treadmill tomorrow, thanks!

    1. Awesome Lisa! Let me know how it goes!