Monday, February 10, 2014

Day 72 (2/7): 5.0 miles + Mini Bra Review

5.0 miles. 52:28. 10:30 pace.

Well, there's another chapter in the bra saga for you to enjoy.  Tonight while I was waiting for a prescription to be filled at Walmart, I found myself looking at their sports bra selection.  Since I had some time to kill, I kinda wanted to see how truly "high impact" their bras labeled such actually are.  In the past, both Target's and Walmart's idea of high impact support has been kinda laughable to me.  I grabbed a couple, including one labeled "extreme impact" and headed off to the dressing room.

The "extreme impact" one really truly surprised me.  Enough that I bought it.  Holy shiz right!?

Now, the smallest size they have, 34B is slightly too big for me in the band, but I felt it offered the same level of support as my 32C Moving Comfort Juno.  I had to do roughly the same number of bra adjustments as the Juno, if not less.  It feels really comfortable over the shoulders and back, and I feel like this could be an everyday bra as well.

Tonight I wanted to try this bra on it's own to see how it would fare.  After a mile, I did end up tossing another cheapo bra over the top of it and that combo was perfect.

My only complaint about this bra (besides the lack of sizing variety) is the straps.  In the back there are adjustable straps and they loosen too easily.  This is probably why I had to toss another bra on after awhile.  At the $13 price point, however, I have no problem sewing the straps so that the sliding adjuster is unable to move.

Since I plan on going back to Walmart and picking up the other 34B that they had in stock I feel like I can recommend this guy.  If anyone else has tried this bra out or had any other Walmart/Target sports bras surprise them, let me know!

So anyway... back to the run.  It was pretty uneventful.  Just a basic, run of the mill 5 miler. Afterwards I came upstairs and watched the Olympic Opening Ceremonies with Karl and Mercedes (Max was in his room and Callie and Taylor were at a basketball game).  Mercedes didn't last long. My little sleepy snuggle muffin kept me warm and I loved it.

I was really impressed with the opening ceremonies.  Granted, I've never watched either an opening or closing ceremony before but wow, the projections on the floor of the arena were amazing!!!


  1. I bought a shock absorber from Amazon and my search for good running bras ended. They are pricey ($35 is what I paid) but worth it. I actually only have one for this reason but since I like to wash my sweaty clothes right after anyway it has been enough.

  2. Thanks for the recommendation, Lisa! I had a Shock Absorber in my cart on Zappos when I was ordering the Armour bras but I got cold feet because I really hadn't heard much about them. I'll give them a shot now!