Friday, February 14, 2014

Day 78 (Feb 13): 4.25 miles

4.25 miles. 44:43. 10:31 pace.

Here's what happened.  I had EVERY intention of running at LEAST 6 miles today.  My ghetto treadmill had other ideas for me.

Karl had started mentioning that sometimes he feels like his foot sticks to the deck.  The belt isn't slipping or anything (we fixed that issue) but he couldn't really explain what it felt like or what could possibly be happening.


It's the weirdest thing.  It's kinda like the bottom of the shoe and the belt are melting together or something.  I can't explain it.  I doubt they were really melding together but it was such an ANNOYING feeling, I just knew I wasn't going to make complete my scheduled run. I started noticing it at mile 4.10 and it just got so much worse, so quickly I BARELY made it to mile 4.25.  Like literally... barely.  I was holding onto the hand rails and everything.

Super annoyed.  I had literally JUST found my groove too.  It takes me sometimes 3.5 miles to fully warm up to the point where I'm not feeling like I'm going to drown in my own sweat or that my legs are going to fall off.  Is anyone else that way..??? Like you're super hot and wishing you had about 50 more fans on you until a certain point and then you're body's all like, "oh... ok... just kidding... I thought we were running Badwater..." and then you're all of a sudden not hot anymore?  If I'm running really long towards the end of the run I start feeling chilly... but I'm pretty sure that's a hydration issue haha.  And this phenomenon is most noticeable on the treadmill where the temp and everything is consistent.  Maybe I'm just a freaking weirdo... :)

So anyway... this ghetto treadmill of ours is dying.  Like, it's gotten its affairs in order and is transitioning into hospice care. 

I've been researching treadmills all week.  I have literally spent HOURS doing this during the slow times at work. 

In my research I found out that the treadmill that we purchased on sale for $400 is technically not meant to be run on.  It's pretty much designed for little old ladies to walk on.  It is not built for serious running to be done on it.  It is also not built for really tall dudes over 250 pounds to run on.  So... needless to say, Karl and I have literally run this thing into the ground.  The belt floats above the deck probably a half inch.  The suspension is shot and the motor gets tired and slows for a few seconds at a time if it's been running for awhile.

What's funny is that I think that I'm harder on the treadmill than Karl is.  Obviously I put more miles on it than he does but he's double my weight and yet I feel like my footsteps are WAY louder than his.

My mom has the same treadmill as we do.  I used it last Sunday to run my 10 miles, remember?  Well, when I started... the belt was flat on the deck.  When I finished, the belt was floating above the deck maybe a quarter inch.  I'm not sure if as the belt heats up it tightens itself and that causes it or if the suspension is just terrible on these cheapo machines.  I don't weigh a whole lot and I take quick little steps (my cadence is usually about 180 but it ranges from 175-200 according to my fancy Garmin watch.  See... I knew those stats would come in handy someday) so my size and form should have nothing to do with the crappiness of this treadmill.  ugh. 

We have decided on an upgrade.  Well... I have decided on an upgrade.  Karl didn't say no yet like he did to the Boston Marathon one.  (He seriously has to be the ONLY RUNNER ALIVE that doesn't think that the speed ring thingee is cool).

On Saturday we're going to go and shop around for treadmills at Sears, 2nd Wind, and Dick's.  If nothing catches our eye there then you can bet your britches I'll be ordering the one I picked out.  The website says it'll take up to 2 weeks to arrive.  Little Ghetto Horizon... you BETTER LIVE THAT LONG!!!!!

I'm not going to say which one I've picked out until it's ordered just in case I either find something on Saturday or I change my mind.  I'm a woman.  That happens.

My appetite started to come back today (well... technically yesterday since today is actually Feb 14).  Guess what I had for lunch?

Hardee's bacon cheeseburger, for the win!

I forget that Hardee's puts mayo on their burgers... so it was only ok.  The onion rings were fantastic and I love the fact that they have fountain cherry coke.

In case you haven't figured it out yet I am not a "clean" eater.  My idea of clean eating is washing your hands first. I love processed garbage.  It makes me feel like poo sometimes but it is oh so tasty.

Happy Valentine's Day!  I'll be spending my evening on the ghetto treadmill while Karl takes care of the sugared up kids.  Tomorrow (Saturday) we are going to go shopping like I mentioned and are going to hit up Olive Garden.  So excited.  And we're going to be KIDLESS!!!!  Adult conversation!? Breadsticks!?  Shopping!? 

It's going to be amazing....

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