Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Day 67 (2/2): 8.0 miles

8.0 miles. 1:25:35. 10:42 pace.

This run went a lot better than I thought it would.

I only wore two sports bras this time.  A hot pink one from my daughters' bin and my size 34B Moving Comfort Juno bra.  It helped when I would adjust the pink one (that I wore under the Juno) so that the sides came up really high under my arms.  The gals do kind wrap around my side a wee bit (so most bras tend to give me armpit fat no matter what I do) so I'm wondering if the issue is more that I just need more support in that area.  I ordered an Armour Bra from Under Armour that will arrive today (2/4) that looked like it came up higher on the sides than the Juno did.  Hopefully I'll be closer to a solution here.

I had no real plans for this run.

If you remember from Day 66, my legs were completely toast.  I barely made it 3.5 miles on a 6 mile run.

For this run... I waited until almost dark. I started feeling anxious prior... full on butterflies and everything.

I was hoping for 6 miles, but I just planned on taking it one mile at a time.

When I got to about 5.5 miles... my feet started to feel tired.  Shortly thereafter, my hips started to ache.

It wasn't painful enough for me to quit, it was just merely an annoyance.

I made it to 8 miles and then decided I had better stop.  I had a sneaking suspicion that the shoes I was wearing, my beloved Brooks Pure Flow 1, were worn out.  If it weren't for the achiness I was feeling.  I would definitely have run at least one more mile, if not 2.

I was so happy for hitting 8 miles.  I rode that endorphin high the rest of the night!


  1. Nice work! I was hoping I'd see good news for this day :) Congrats on the 8 miles!