Friday, November 29, 2013

Day 2: 1.5 mi

Today I am a little sore in the calves from yesterday, and my shoulders are sore from sleeping probably. So putting on a sports bra over those sore shoulders instantly made my chest feel tight and outta breath, which was weird. Anyway... I went out on a quickie before Karl left to go see a movie. 

I did the same route as yesterday, just turned around a little bit earlier. I even dressed in the same clothes: long sleeve swiftly shirt, grey tech jacket, purple fleece vest, and purple dog runner pants. 

Today, though, I tried out my mom's ice spikes. It was the kind that goes over the bottom of your shoe and has both chains and spikes. I probably didn't need them today, but even when I'd hit a patch of bare road or sidewalk, I could hardly tell they were on. So they'll come in handy this winter for running as well as for walking the dog.

It was about the same temp today as it was yesterday.

My pace was a lot slower than I'm used to seeing. I haven't run in two months (thanks stress fracture!); I haven't run with about 20 pounds of clothing on, and I haven't run in sub freezing temps in a long time. Definitely humbling and definitely feels like starting over. Can't wait to start seeing improvements!

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