Monday, March 3, 2014

Days 85-87 (Feb 20-22): 17.75 miles

Day 85 (Thursday, Feb 20):

6.0 miles. 1:03:51. 10:39 pace.

Unfortunately I don't recall anything about this run.  :(

Day 86 (Friday, Feb 21): 

5.0 miles. 52:37. 10:31 pace.

 Drawing a blank on this one too....

Day 87 (Saturday, Feb 22):

6.75 miles. 1:10:56. 10:31 pace.

I DO remember this one.  I struggled through the first five miles because I was really on a time crunch to get done before Karl got home from work at 6pm.  He had decided earlier in the day that he wanted to do his long run today instead of Sunday like scheduled.  6 pm rolled around and I knew he was upstairs waiting and so my anxiety got the best of me.  I stopped at 5 miles and let him get his run done and then hopped back on later for the last 1.75 miles.  Why make it 6.75 miles for the day?  Because that what I needed to run in order to hit 40 miles for the week!!!

Weekly recap:

Sunday: 10 miles (10:36)
Monday: 5 miles (10:42)
Tuesday: 6 miles (9:33)
Wednesday: 1.29 miles. (9:54) *outside!
Thursday: 6 miles (10:39)
Friday: 5 miles (10:31)
Saturday: 6.75 miles (10:31)

Total: 40.04 miles!  My highest ever!

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